Dutch Design

Studio Cloggy is a Dutch Designers studio, founded in Rotterdam in 2012
by Reinoud Wolff and Kjeld Piek. The Head office is located in the centre of the creative area Lloyd District.

International success

Since the start in 2012 Studio Cloggy has been successful throughout the world. The creative designs of the ‘forgotten’ clocks in combination with the message of ‘Less Ratrace, More Happy Hours’ has resulted in fans all over the world. From Australia to the UK, from Brazil to the USA and from Dubai to Canada, people are enjoying more happy hours.

The Designers Philosophy of Studio Cloggy

is to inspire people to deal more consciously with the concept of time. We are entering a new era of meaningfulness & sustainability.
We hope that with our design clocks people will clock off more often from the rate race, and stand still at issues that really matter in their lives, such as love, care, and friendship. Less Ratrace, More Happy Hours!